Treatment Information

Treatment Information

Through the use of a collaborative, non-judgemental, client-centered, empathic approach coupled with motivational enhancement and solution-focused therapy, our goal as a team working with clients struggling with either chemical dependency or dual diagnosis is to acquire the necessary insight and skills to maintain long-term mental health and sobriety. We fully encourage and support the client’s desire for change. Our goal is to develop an action plan for termination of substance use to which the client is willing to commit. By focusing on the underlying mental health issues, our clinicians facilitate the client’s understanding of their genetic, personality, social, and family factors, including childhood experiences, that led to the development of chemical dependency and their relationship to potential relapse. We approach the client with genuine care and empathy, we work on defining specific goals, strategies, and building a sense of purpose in order for clients to achieve increased satisfaction with sobriety. We focus on teaching clients appropriate coping tools to help manage and regulate emotions, help improve communication skills to enhance relationships, teach clients problem-solving skills, provide medication management, teach assertiveness skills, help increase authenticity, and assist in increasing feelings of self-worth. We believe that by identifying and appropriately managing a full range of emotions clients will be able to abstain from harmful behaviors and avoid relapse in the future.

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